Shamanistic Pathways
Sandy Olliges, MA, Certified in Dream Studies and Advanced Shamanic Practices

Dreamwork, Shamanistic Astrology, Shamanistic Counseling

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Shamanistic Pathways
Sandy Olliges, MA
Dream Studies 
Shamanistic Practices


 On shamanistic pathways, we "walk the mystical path with practical feet" (Angeles Arrien). We see the Earth as sacred and know the interconnection of all beings: stars, planets, moon, fire, rocks, water, earth, air, plants, animals, people, and spirits. In the shamanistic worldview, everything is alive.

We seek to walk in truth, beauty, light, and love.

Are you curious about the meaning of dreams? Incorporating current dreamwork methods and time-honored shamanic techniques, Sandy leads two Shamanistic Dreamwork groups, which meet monthly in San Jose and Fair Oaks (near Sacramento).

Seeking guidance about your soul's purpose? Sandy will prepare your charts and interpretation based on Shamanic Astrology, including centaurs, mythic astrology, shamanic Egyptian astrology, and chakra-based planetary influences. 

Are you seeking deeper meaning in your life or guidance about a specific life situation? Shamanistic pathways connect us to our soul's purpose. Sandy offers Shamanic Counseling in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Santa Cruz area, and in the Sacramento area.

Would you like assistance in transforming an aspect of your self or your life? Contact Sandy to design for you a personalized yantra, which is a meditative image based in the tradition of tantric yoga and inspired by images in Sandy's shamanic journeys and incubated dreams.

Are you interested in mind-body-spirit integration and in embodiment of the principles of universal love and nonviolence?  Sandy teaches Aikido at San Jose State University.

Would you like to kindle the sacred flame within your energetic heart center? Join us for monthly Planetary Healing meditations, visualizations, and shamanistic journeys in Fair Oaks, near Sacramento. Planetary Healing is now on hold - no sessions at this time.

Join classes in Kali Ray TriYoga with Sandy in Sunnyvale, near San Jose.

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In the shamanic worldview, the Earth is sacred and all beings are interconnected. This is also the worldview of deep ecology. Read Sandy's blog: Ecomind
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